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You can email us at thebjc2022@gmail.com. If you are interested in running a workshop, please email thebjc2022workshops@gmail.com.

Meet the team

Jak - Event Manager (he/him)

Headshot of Jak, with one side of his beard shaven off.

I've been to 11 BJCs. Main org for 2, Core crew for 5.

I live in Margate with Anna and our family. We met in 2008 at my second BJC and Anna volunteered to help me run 2009 in Norwich. Little did she know that saying "I'll do anything" would lead to us organising our 3rd BJC 13 years later!

I started out with a diabolo but now mostly juggle balls and clubs (when I can) and I love a game of volleyclub; I was once part of the 13th best team in Europe! (14 teams entered...)

Anna - Event Manager (she/her)

Headshot of Anna.

I've been going to BJCs since 2001 and have had various different helping roles since 2007.

I love watching and supporting other people to do amazing things, whether that's in the show with a stunning act, or pulling together a team to make the event happen.

I'm often found at a juggling convention playing a silly game, or maybe a more serious game, but in a silly manner. BJCs rule and I've met some of my best friends at juggling conventions.

Chris - Info Desk Management Team (he/they)

Headshot of Chris.

BJC 2022 will be my 7th BJC since attending my first (and favourite) one in Pickering in 2013.

I got involved with the juggling community while at uni at York, along with a good chunk of the 2022 crew. Although I can actually juggle, I'm well on my way to graduating from Actual Juggler to Lazy Juggler.

Entice me with savoury snack foods.

Jane - Info Desk Management Team (she/her)

Headshot of Jane.

You might know me... but then again you might not.

I have been coming to BJC since 2004. In 2006 I worked on registration to give me an insight into what goes on in the organisation of a BJC, as I was in the team for the following year in Nottingham. Since then I have been involved in some way in almost all of the subsequent years. I think I didn't do anything in 2005, 2008, or 2016, possibly... Although saying that, I was a founding BYJOTY vote counter in 2005 and I think I only missed doing this in... 14 or 15 maybe...

I was joint head org in 2011, head org in 2014 & 2015, and head org for the EJC 2019.

I live in Nottingham and own my own pottery painting cafe called Razzle Dazzle Pots which will be eleven years old this autumn. I can juggle, but mostly chat about BJC memories! Of which I have many. One lasting one was from back in 2007. As well as running registration I also organised the parade from the castle to the market square. There were lots of logistics, the city had just had trams installed and a brand new market square... So much fun for stilt walkers and jugglers throwing things. Anyway, when I saw the band all dressed in white come round the corner followed by almost 1,000 jugglers, I was overwhelmed! It was amazing I had made that happen!

Jasmine - Info Desk Management Team (she/her)

Headshot of Jasmine.

I've been a veteran BJC attendant since I was a kid (see: my dear old dad below, Bryn!) so I'm not sure I could remember how many I've been to!

I started helping out at conventions as soon as I was old enough to, doing various bits and pieces from pass checking and working the reg desk, to helping out on the bar. I used to work for Butterfingers and spent some time helping out with the traders too.

Despite being raised at juggling conventions, I am possibly the most pitiful juggler you'll ever see, but that won't stop me from giving everything a go! You can often find me wherever the board games are as well.

Sadie - Info Desk Management Team (they/she)

Sadie wearing plastic loops on their arms and head.

I've been to about a dozen BJCs and have been on the core crew for one before. A BJC memory that particularly stands out for me is unloading 10,000 teabags that Yorkshire Tea donated to us for BJC 2013. The boxes were comically large and deceptively light—a delightful combination.

I hail from London and I tell people that I am a 3-ball juggler. I don't know when this happened, but I'm now more likely to be found with a cup of tea and a board game than with a prop in hand.

Susannah - Info Desk Management Team (she/her)

Headshot of Susannah.

I've attended twelve BJCs (every one since 2007) and have done a lot of volunteering, but have never been part of the organising team.

I am a diaboloist and ball juggler and I work in environmental education. I usually spend more time playing games and hanging out with friends at conventions than actually juggling.

It's very hard to pick a favourite BJC moment, but I guess nothing will ever quite be the same as the first one. I missed the games to hang out with all the cool jaded diaboloists (even though I'd have secretly enjoyed going).

Bryn - Site Manager (he/him)

Headshot of Bryn in a shirt and jacket.

Number of BJCs attended: a besquillion. Or 20 if you are counting. First one was Manchester BJC 1994 (after being introduced to juggling conventions at the EJC in Leeds in 1993)

I started on the bar in 2013, then was on both Darton teams site managing, and am currently still recovering from being on the EJC site team in 2019.

I'm from Harrogate, North Yorkshire where I live with my wife Tilly (spot the wedding photo). I used to run a youth circus called Circus of the Absurd. Have got 4 amazing kids who are grown up now but were raised at BJCs and EJCs over the years and I'll be forever grateful to the juggling community for that. Since lockdown stopped conventions I've been busy doing long distance running around the Yorkshire Dales, but am thoroughly looking forward to stopping being so anti-social.

My best BJC memory would be tricky, so many good times! But I usually drag out being woken up by Keith Chegwin from Big Breakfast at Manchester BJC (ask your parents).

Diccon - Site Team (he/him)

Headshot of Diccon.

I'm a nurse practitioner in Huddersfield and Halifax. I've never been to a BJC but went to the last EJC in Newark as a volunteer on the help desk and generally dogs bodying. I also run a stewarding team for the setup week of Greenbelt Festival.

I've no personal juggling background but my son is a circus person so I'm involved with Greentop in Sheffield through him. Hence working the EJC so he could go and have a fun time! And actually I loved it and really appreciated being welcomed, and the sense of community and togetherness that the juggling community has.

My best BJC memories are clearly the ones I have yet to make with the amazing Jugglers I am yet to meet!

James - Site Team (he/him)

James juggling contact poi.

I've been going to BJC since 2015. I've been part of the organising teams for smaller conventions in Lancaster.

I'm a fan of anything I can set on fire - particularly poi.

Best BJC memory? I like being able to have a go at all the different skills—I'd never have been able to try wheels or trapeze at home.

Caroline (Sweets) - Volunteer Coordinator (she/her)

Headshot of Caroline.

I've been to about 4/5 BJCs ever since I befriended all the English folks at the Irish EJC in 2014! My first BJC involved all of the storms but I remember it fondly!

Was on the balloon crew for Perth and was bar staff before too. I work as an occupational therapist in a hospital in Ireland.

I've been going to Irish conventions for almost 15 years and help host the games and the odd renegade and such. I can do a trick or two on most circus props but still can't cascade though! Known for my huge bag of sweets too and playing lotsa boardgames. 🙂

Nikki - Volunteer Coordinator (she/her)

Headshot of Nikki.

Attended about 8 BJCs. On the organiser crew for about 5.

I live in Shrewsbury, just handed in my notice from my job in the NHS after 25 years to head for new challenges!!! Help run Roots to Inspiration in Shrewsbury doing circus community events in the county.

Best memory—too many! Love the atmosphere at all BJCs!!

Lucie - Workshops (she/her)

Headshot of Lucie in front of a lake.

I'm Lucie, I've been to four BJCs, the EJC in 2019, as well as regularly attending smaller conventions around the country. This is my first time on a BJC crew, however I set up and ran the Lancaster Magic and Circus weekend convention in 2017.

My favourite prop is poi and although it's really hard to pick just one favourite moment at BJC, one of my favourite things about these events is how friendly and welcoming everyone is.

Outside of the circus world, I'm a primary school teacher in West Cumbria where sadly there are currently no juggling clubs—so if you live near here, come and find me!

James - Website (they/them)

Headshot of James.

I've been to 7 BJCs and was on the org team for Pickering 2013.

Originally (and currently) from Hertfordshire, I picked up juggling at Towersey Folk Festival as a teenager, but didn't discover the juggling community until I went to university in York.

If we're being very generous, I could be called a 3-ball juggler, but these days you're more likely to see me balancing a stack of board games.

My favourite BJC memory would have to be arriving at my very first one (Huddersfield 2010) and meeting lots of weird and wonderful people.

Jon - Juggling Edge/Registration (he/him)

Headshot of Jon.

Do I have to say I've been to 20 BJCs? That makes me sound old. I think I've been erecting fencing, litter picking & lugging things from point A to B at most of them. I handled the pre-reg for BJC 2016 which alarmed me enough to build the pre-reg system used for this event, EJC 2019 & several other smaller festivals.

I maintain the Juggling Edge & spend a lot of time finding contact details for people. I'm from East Sussex, so the only Southern BJC I've been to was Brighton in 2003.

Alex - Spinning@ Liaison (he/him)

Headshot of Alex.

I've been to about 10 BJCs, my first being Huddersfield 2010 and although I've not been on the BJC committee, I've been involved in some capacity with quite a few one-day and longer juggling festivals/conventions. I'll be acting as Spinning@ liaison at BJC 2022, helping to bring you the Spinning@ tent/chillout space.

I'm from Southampton but got involved with Spinning@ when I was living in London about 10 years ago. I run an IT company but much prefer to spend my time juggling, making cocktails, and sailing dinghies.

My favourite BJC memory is being loaned a penny farthing and cruising around the campsite one sunny morning (Nottingham, I think). My favourite BJC drink is Agwa (thanks Ben).

Ali - Trader Liaison (she/her)

Ali spinning fire poi.

[Clubs, NOT Poi!]

I'm from Gloucestershire and I've been juggling since the late '80s and regularly attending BJCs, EJCs, and other juggling conventions around the world since the early '90s. I've organised/co-organised way too many day/weekend juggling/western skills/unicycling events to remember and spent about a decade as part of the EJA (European Juggling Association) in a variety of roles.

A former performer and workshop leader with the double-act Gravity Outlaws, I now spend most of my time designing and printing gift products with circus designs—and also with music, motor, sport, and mythical themes too.

Find me in the trader's hall to treat yourself to some circus themed goodies. 😀

Arthur - Marketing (Facebook) (he/him)

Headshot of Arthur.

I've attended about 8 BJCs. This will be the first time I'm helping organise one and I'm happy to be one of the team. I'm a Circus entertainer at events but I started out mostly on convention stages. I live on a boat that moves around and through London and favorite drink is black coffee.

My favourite memory from a BJC is probably winning BYJOTY in 2014 and spending the rest of the week celebrating and hanging with friends knowing there was no more work to be done.

Carrie - Crew Welfare (she/her)

Headshot of Carrie.

This will be my 10th BJC but my first time as a crew member. My first experience of the circus community was back in 2006 when I did Camp America. I learnt poi as a lot of people do, and when I returned to the UK I joined ...Fever at Loughborough University where I met my husband. We have moved all over the East of England but have always found friends at our local juggling clubs.

My favourite BJC moment was probably all of the second Darton—hungry hippos, fight night, crate stacking, amazing renegades, open shows, tons of board games. The list goes on!!!

Claire - Marketing (Instagram) (she/her)

Claire in a pile of multi-coloured beads.

I have been to every BJC since 2008 and one EJC. I co-ran the 2013 Pickering BJC and have organised 2 gala shows at Canterbury and Nottingham. Also the co-organiser of Chocfest, York's juggling convention.

My favourite BJC memory has to be seeing my first ever gala show coming together so well and being exactly what I wanted it to be.

In real life I'm a secondary school geography teacher so I'm always good for announcing things!

Colin - Marketing (Old School) (he/him)

Colin balancing a ball on his head.

My first BJC was southend in 2012 and I have only missed one year since. This is my first time on the organiser team since Perth last year had to be cancelled.

I live in Edinburgh and work at Cascade Juggling. I am probably most recognisable with 3 poi in my hands or a ball on my head. BJC has the best people and my favorite BJC memory was getting to perform at the gala show in 2016 with our poi passing act to the most welcoming audience you could hope to have.

Janette - First Aid/Grant Seeker (she/her)

Janette holding a rabbit.

I'm a juggling partner who enjoys board games. I have helped out at BJC and EJC for the last 8 years. I like doing admin and making sure things are neat and tidy.

Jules - BYJOTY Organiser (she/her)

Headshot of Jules.

So far I've only attended two BJCs and this is my first time on the organiser team! My first BJC was in 2017 and that was actually my first year of circus-ing and my first ever circus performance. That was for the BYJOTY competition. I've not stopped circus-ing since and that's a lot thanks to the BJC. It's really exciting to be back and helping to organise some youth stuff.

Lorri - Marketing (Twitter) (she/her)

Scrabble tiles spelling out "Lorri".

Number of BJCs attended: Every one since 1999 except 2005—sorry Perth!

Number of times on the org team/crew: Co-organiser in 2000 and helped out at a few others.

London born and bred but learnt to juggle at uni in York (once a Yorkie, always a Yorkie!). I co-organised BJC2k in York in 2000 and had such an amazing time organising the event that I decided to do it as a career! Love the juggling community, always forget to juggle and can usually be found at conventions with a mug of tea, some cake and possibly playing a board game...

Mark - Runner/Fixer (he/him)

Headshot of Mark.

I have been to 7 BJCs and one EJC. Thanks to Jane Randall I have been on the crew for 4 BJCs. Normally you will find me lurking in the dark of backstage as either stage manager or lighting tech.

When not involved in the amazing juggling community I work in the NHS introducing innovation and getting teams to work together.

As for my best memories there are lots but the one that sticks in my mind is putting on the Galashows.

I am from Leeds but hold Fever responsible for my involvement as they introduced a friend to circus skills and the rest, as they say, is history.

Mike - Runner/Fixer (he/him)

Mike with a diabolo.

Hi! I've been to 9 BJCs now. I haven't been on the org crew at a BJC, but have been on the team at Lestival! for so long that I can't remember. I currently live in Hertfordshire, but got into juggling at the university club ...Fever.

My best BJC moment was landing a fairly mediocre 7 club passing trick and the crowd going wild... in the next part of the hall (Nottingham 2011).

Natalie - 3rd Brain (she/her)

Headshot of Natalie.

I'm Natalie, ¼ part of Team Randall. You might know me already but maybe you're new here...

I have been to every BJC since Derby in 2004 except in 2013 Pickering when I was living in Australia... Although I still watched all of the live stream, received a great poem from Pat and watched the BYJOTY (still can't quite grasp how Dave won...) so I was kind of there...

I was a head organiser for BJC 2014 & 2015 and EJC 2019 and was a part of the main crew for 2007, 2011 & 2017 but have also helped out in 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2018... and here I am again in 2022!

I have also been to 7 EJCs, helped to do the first day registration desk (my favourite task, I actually really love it) in Munich, Ireland and the second Lubin and can't wait to go to the next one in Spain 2022!

In the muggle world I live and work in Nottingham, I enjoy trying to make my garden grow and my house pretty, oh and playing with my cats!

Palmar Jack (a.k.a. PJ or Jack) - Contracts and Legal (he/him)

Headshot of Palmar Jack.

First BJC was 2010 Huddersfield, been to most since (skipped a couple in recent years!) and a couple of EJCs.

Most serious time on org crew was EJC 2019, assisting on site with info-desk, business, and insurance issues.

From Southend, Essex, representing the SJC (It's called the Southend Juggling Club, but we call it the SJC because it takes less time). Now living in South London.

Best BJC Memory: Playing clown cricket in Notts when we had the great weather, picking up the pieces of smashed balloons and rewarding ourselves with an advanced workshop in sitting around and doing sod all. What a holiday!

Ron - Bar Manager (he/him)

Headshot of Ron Trickett.

Been to lots of BJCs, helped at more than a few, run the bar at some and organised Perth 2016.

Love nothing more than juggling non-stop in the gym, definitely don't like sitting around playing games and never touch a pint of beer.

Favourite part of any BJC is a show—any show.

Russell - BBMC Organiser (he/him)

Russell holding a ring of balloons in front of his face.

Attended all BJCs. Run about 12 Balloon Rooms & Org Cardiff team. I've been a full time entertainer for about 21 years. I live in Barry, South Wales. Loads of amazing memories. As I've been to all BJCs, they blend together, as one big happy memory. But the best was compèring the BJC Gala show with Pete.

Sam - Bar Manager (he/him)

Sam mixing a drink behind a bar.

I have been to 8 BJCs. I've helped with the bar from time to time at lots of conventions but never officially at the BJC. My favourite BJC memory was selling out and auctioning off the last beer on the bar at BJC Huddersfield!

In real life I head up the team at the Blind Pig speakeasy bar above a Michelin-starred restaurant in central London.