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We have an abundance of workshop spaces and hope to be offering workshops in all sorts of circus skills from juggling to Russian bar.

Digital Workshop Board

We are trying out a digital workshop timetable as well as the physical boards. Bear with us; this will be added to, edited and tweaked over the next few weeks. Aerial workshops are not on there yet, nor is the organised chaos of the Ladybird Tent, and there's a whole heap of workshops people will be offering to run.

You can toggle between different views, and you can select which type of workshop you want to see (top right hand corner).

Please note that at the event, if there is a difference between the boards and the digital timetable, go by what the boards say (they are easier to update quickly!).

Running a Workshop

Like the rest of the convention, the workshops are dependent on volunteers; if you'd like to run a workshop get in touch at thebjc2022workshops@gmail.com or, for the more modern among you:

  1. Set up an event in your own calendar app for the time you want (start on the hour please).
  2. Put a descriptive title.
  3. Set the location to the kind of space you need (classroom, large space, high space, etc.).
  4. Put extra info in the description (level aimed at, anything people need to bring, etc.).
  5. Invite us as an attendee (thebjc2022workshops@gmail.com).
  6. We'll work out where we can put you, and add the workshop into the timetable.

Lost in Translation

A big top in a field

Lost in Translation are one of the UK's leading contemporary circus companies and will be running a whole programme of workshops over the week, including ones we've never had at a BJC before! They are skilled in Russian Bar, Cradle, and aerial arts and up for sharing their skills.

Gandini Juggling

Sean and Kati Gandini

The founders of Gandini Juggling, Sean and Kati, will be coming along to BJC for a couple of days to share some of their skills and infectious enthusiasm for contemporary juggling!

They will be joining us Tuesday to Thursday and providing three workshops and a talk.